I spent 13 months full-time on the engineering team at Riskalyze, a dope financial tech company.

I worked on front-end dev in Backbone.js & Marionette, ui/ux design, email API development, back-end development with Node.js, and some more fun stuff.

I designed and built a UI kit to use across our entire Riskalyze devops. The elements were designed as symbols in Sketch.app for easy prototyping. I built the kit as a CSS/JS npm module to provide a consistent UI across our apps as a dependency.

The Riskalyze UI Kit. See more of it.

I also created an Email Builder for use across our customer-facing teams. This operates as an API that returns beatifully CSS-inlined HTML. Now, from any spot in any project, Riskalyze developers can generate a consistent, pretty email for customer delivery.

The Riskalyze Email Builder. Check it out in action.
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